Parkway Cancer Centre: 15 Years of Enhancing Lives, Thank You.

15 Years of Enhancing Lives

This PCC 15th Anniversary, we celebrate 15 years of enhancing lives. To commemorate over a decade of commitment to growing our services in cancer care, we are dedicating this space to some of the many patients who have been with us over the years, to showcase their thanks and appreciation for our team of doctors and nurses.


We do our utmost to provide the care and assurance that patients and their families deserve
To Dr Colin and Team,

Thanks for your commitment and care throughout this battle. Your team never fails to encourage me towards recovery and I am indeed blessed to be in such good hands!

From: Vivien 
 To the team of nurses,

Thank you so much for your unwavering care and support. Your knowledge and skills have allowed me to tide through the needle poking process during each session and for that I am eternally grateful.

From: Clara
 Dear Dr Wong and team,

Thank you for taking care of me and your patience with me for the past few months. Thank you Stella and Kelsy for tolerating my whining over each “needle poking” and the noise Rebecca & I created whenever at the clinic. Thank you Iris and Mai for always being so friendly.

From: Junie
 I made it and won the battle against breast cancer because I am under the care of a good doctor and nurses at PCC Gleneagles. You gave me the courage to face all the difficulties of treatment. Truly appreciate all of you. We must have strong faith, determination, and “Not easy, but I can!” spirit, and we will win the battle.

From: Cheryl
 The staff has been wonderfully supportive and helpful, providing a very conducive environment for treatment and recovery!

From: Alvin
 From the first time we met Dr Foo, we knew we were in the right hands. Dr Foo clearly explained all the facts, procedures needed, issues, treatments—hence, we felt comfortable to be treated. A very kind, sincere and capable doctor. Thank you.

Loved our time being treated in PCC—nurses and staff are all very lovely and communicative. Special thanks to Pi Chu. From the bottom of our heart, thank you to all PCC nurses and staff!

From: Licia
 To a very caring PCC team, Dr Lee, Dr Foo and all nurses,

Thank you for your wonderful care! Dr Lee and Dr Foo are very experienced, honest and transparent. We feel blessed to have them. Nurses are also experienced, kind and supportive!

From: Bety


We bring together the latest technology and multidisciplinary teams to provide quality care for our patients.
My diagnosis of breast cancer in early Feb made my once happy and simple life come shattering down. On 7 Feb, before I stepped into Gleneagles PCC, I was totally lost and devastated. But Dr Khoo, a very experienced and caring doctor immediately cleared my doubts and fears by explaining my treatment plan ahead in detail and assured me that I will do well. All the nurses here are all so kind, helpful and caring. Every treatment here is fun because we will talk and joke like friends! The encouragement they have given has made me stronger. Cancer is not so scary anymore so long as we face it, get treated as soon as possible and stay positive! We can win this battle—no, we will!

From: Ai Ling
 Hi Dr Ang,

In 2011 I was told my cancer had spread to my neck. I had never done this before and was scared. There was a group of beautiful angels who took care of me as a family which made me feel no fear and happy throughout. Today, it would have been 7 years and I am now healthy and safe. I am so grateful to Dr Ang and the group of angels.

From: William
 To Dr Zee,

I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional and caring way in which you have delivered my treatment over the past 8 months. While the battle against cancer is quite daunting, you and your staff have assisted in making the best out of a bad situation.

From: David
 Thanking God for his healing hands over me and sending this professional team in PCC to care and guide me through my cancer journey—Psalm 30:2 God is Good.

Dr See, you are indeed my trusted doctor. Cancer is scary but many times I find myself smiling and laughing as I exit your room. Thanks to your professional advice, practical and positive spirit!

Zen and Bonnie, you are my favourite nurses. Thanks for gentle hands and kind hearts in administering the doses and making me comfortable. You are the best.

Winy, Siti, Ann and Emily, you make a fantastic admin team. Gerard, thanks for going out of your way to provide nutritional advice.

Lisa, Cassandra and Cleaning Uncle, cancer treatment is scary and unpleasant but all of you have made my journey so much more bearable. Thank you.

From: Linda
 Hi Dr Ang,

No words can express my gratitude for you. I will never forget that you have saved my life 17 years ago and I really appreciate your efforts in following up on my care all these years. It’s not only your medical treatment but also your reassuring words that gave me the strength and courage to walk through the fears of the treatment journey.

From: Hwee Peng
 Dear Dr Ang,

Thank you for keeping your promise to take care of me. You are God sent to me. Your abilities and knowledge in treating cancer have enabled me to go through this journey without hair loss and vomiting. The nurses have to bravely face each and every one of us day in and day out but have managed to have the best disposition and care extended to me.

We are taught to survive. To have courage to fight this disease at 84 years old. With 17 positive lymph nodes, I am now cancer free! Thank you Dr Ang and your efficient team. As I said it takes a village to care for all the cancer warriors. God bless you and your team.

From: Araceli
 We would like to thank Dr Quek and the nurses for all the encouragement, support and help.

To all cancer warriors, stay positive and strong.

I am proud to have an amazing doctor and nurses. Thanks for everything.

From: Terence


We establish relationships with our patients and accompany them on every step of their journey of hope.
To Dr Wong and nurses,

I would like to thank you for the good care and treatment I received at your clinic. I am so impressed with the commitment and dedication at PCC. The chemotherapy journey is not easy for most of the people but your encouragement made me feel that I was not alone in my journey.

From: Sarah
 We are very grateful and thankful for the care and support from Dr Lee and the nurse team throughout my dad’s cancer journey. You guys are really very compassionate, dedicated and caring.

From: Febby
 What a journey it has been, from surgery to chemo and starting work again next week. I am so grateful for the compassion from the PCC team. Thanks for making my cancer journey a breeze. It has been such an emotional milestone for me, and I am happy to share that I have not only fought cancer, I have also overcome my fear of needles.

From: Shufen
 Dear doctors and staff of PCC,

Thank you for your unwavering support when I was undergoing chemotherapy. Your support means so much to me! I really appreciate your efforts in going out of your way to make chemotherapy less strenuous for me. Battling cancer is not an easy journey but staying optimistic and having confidence in yourself helps! Fighting!

From: Alice
 A big thank you to Dr Quek, all the staff nurses and all the other wonderful friendly staff for all the kindness, warmth, patience and smiley faces displayed through my treatment process. Thank you for making PCC a welcoming place and for all the support.

From: Gin
 Thank you for all the wonderful care. Thank you for taking care of my mother every time she comes, she loves you all deeply.

From: Mrs Ela Haque
 To Dr Khoo and nurses,

Thank you for all the great care and treatment I have received at PCC. Especially thanks to Dr Khoo throughout the whole journey of my cancer treatment. Because of that, I am glad to say that I am able to recover smoothly.

Lastly, lots of love and thanks for the nurses here especially Jacqueline who made this entire journey much more comfortable and was willing to help me whenever I needed it.

Big thank you to all the staff here at PCC.

From: Jorin
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