Media Engagement

With our multi-disciplinary team of doctors, support team and resources, Parkway Cancer Centre consistently contributes articles on new technologies, survivor stories and up-to-date information about cancers to the media. We also collaborate with the media through a variety of events and initiatives.

Please feel free to reach out to us should you require any information on the disease, or if you would like to collaborate with us. You may drop a note to Cindy at and she will be delighted to assist you.

Corporate Partnership

At Parkway Cancer Centre, we believe in the importance of empowering, educating and engaging our patients, their families and the general public. It is our commitment to share relevant and up-to-date information about cancer, to dispel myths and misconceptions about the disease and its treatments.

We are constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate with like-minded partners. Please contact Cindy at for any possible collaborative opportunities.