COVID-19 Vaccination for Cancer Patients

Now available at IHHSG Hospitals for Singapore Residents Aged 12 and above

With the emerging local and international clinical reports on the safety and efficacy of the mRNA –based Covid19 vaccines, Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) has revised the guidance on the provision of Covid-19 vaccination to population subgroups that are currently contraindicated to receive the mRNA based vaccines.

The updated guidance indicates that:

Category of PatientsGuidance for vaccination
Patients with active cancers on treatment

On treatment is defined as undergone chemotherapy, immunotherapy or radiation therapy in the past 3 months OR planned in the next 2 months

Allow Vaccination

Can be vaccinated in a hospital setting, after assessment by the treating oncologist on suitability for vaccination.

Patients on hormonal therapy

Can be vaccinated at any available vaccination sites with advice

Persons with cancer NOT on treatment

Not on treatment (with chemotherapy, immunotherapy or radiation therapy) in the past 3 months AND no planned treatment in the next 2 months

Can be vaccinated at any available vaccination sites with advice

Persons with a history of cancer who are in remission

Can be vaccinated at any available vaccination sites with advice

Covid19 vaccination at IHH Singapore Hospitals FAQ

Q1. Do I get to choose the brand of vaccine?

Our hospitals will only be providing the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Therefore there will not be an option to choose.

Q2. When will the second dose be administered and where?

The second dose will be administered about six weeks from the first dose as per MOH’s prevailing guideline. The patient should receive both doses at the same vaccination centre.

Q3. Can my caregiver be vaccinated at the hospital as well?

The service is provided for patients with specialists operating from IHHSG hospitals’ Medical Centres (Mount Elizabeth Specialist Centre, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Parkway East Medical Centre) only. Family members should register with MOH and can be vaccinated at any available vaccination sites listed on the MOH registration site.

Q4. Are there any cost(s) involved?

The vaccination will be provided free of charge to the patient. However, if adverse reactions or complications occur post-vaccination, the patient may require treatment in the A&E department. A&E charges will apply under these circumstances.

Q5. Can I think about it and make the appointment when I am home?

The request for appointment must be made by the clinic or doctor, after assessing the patient’s suitability. Therefore, it is important to discuss with your doctor so that we can make the appointment for you.

Q6. Is my appointment confirmed once the doctor submits the application?

Successful submission of the request does not imply confirmation of the appointment. Our clinic/hospital will contact you for confirmation of appointment approximately 2 days before the session.

Q7. What must I bring along for my vaccination appointment?

Please bring along your identification card, along with the doctor’s memo.

Q8. I am not a Singapore resident. Do I have access to the vaccination?

The provision of Covid-19 vaccination for patients is part of the national effort to vaccinate the entire Singapore population. We are not able to provide vaccination for foreigners at this point in time.

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