Cancer is an uncontrolled and abnormal cell growth that can spread to other parts of the body, and disrupt normal bodily functions. Childhood cancers grow more rapidly than adult cancers because the cancer tissues grow together with the fast-growing tissues of the child. What happens when a child is diagnosed with Cancer?


The histopathology report we produce for every patient starts our team off withan accurate, pathological diagnosis. It diagnoses and categorises tumours, provides informationon the cell of origin and shares invaluable insight into prognosis. As a key resource in effective cancer management, ourpathological examinations are benchmarked to the higheststandards of accuracy and comprehensiveness.

This is ofutmost importance to us as the results of the initial biopsywill invariably shape the therapeutic recommendations thatour oncologists make. It is only with the insights obtainedfrom histopathology reports that we are able to create individualised treatment plans for our patients, designed todeliver optimal care and results.
The report also establishes the criteria for eligibility forclinical trials, gives information for clinical databases tobe used in clinical and basic research and helps providequality assurance. As we strive to achieve the greatestbenefits for our patients, the pursuit of excellence in thefield of pathology will continue to be a priority for us.

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