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3 Common Cancers in Men to Watch Out For

Contributed by: Dr Foo Kian Fong
26 December, 2019

Prostate, lung and colorectal cancers are the top diseases that affect men in Singapore but the good news: they can...

Up Close & Personal with Dr Chin Tan Min

Contributed by: Dr Chin Tan Min
20 November, 2019

Dr Chin Tan Min, who joined Parkway Cancer Centre in August 2019, is thankful for the many advancements that give...

New Drugs for Lung Cancer: EGFR & ALK Mutations

Written by: Dr Ang Peng Tiam
20 November, 2019

Today, we understand how cancers are driven by certain genetic changes in cells & can create drugs that can block...

Lung Cancer: 7 Things You Need to Know

Contributed by: Dr Chin Tan Min
20 November, 2019

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in Singapore. Dr Chin Tan Min from Parkway Cancer Centre answers...

Tailored (Personalised) Treatment for Breast Cancer

Contributed by: Dr Wong Chiung Ing
17 October, 2019

With new technologies & better understanding of breast cancer, patients are now offered a wider range of treatment options with...

Up Close & Personal with Dr Wong Chiung Ing

Contributed by: Dr Wong Chiung Ing
17 October, 2019

Still pursuing a dream - Dr Wong Chiung Ing’s goal as a young girl was to find a cure for...

Tips on Getting Active During & After Cancer Treatment

17 October, 2019

Physical exercise can help improve your physical & emotional wellbeing. Learn some tips on getting active during & after cancer...

Different Types of Breast Cancer in Women Explained

Contributed by: Dr Khoo Kei Siong
17 October, 2019

Dr Khoo Kei Siong from PCC looks at the different types of breast cancer that a woman may get. In...

Retinoblastoma (Eye Cancer in Children): Rare But Curable

Contributed by: Dr Anselm Lee Chi-Wai
12 September, 2019

Retinoblastoma is a unique cancer that affects only children, especially infants & toddlers. Dr Anselm Lee looks at this unusual...