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Building Better Mental Health After Cancer Treatment

Contributed by: Jaime Yeo
13 November, 2018

The healing of the mind is as important as the healing of the body after cancer treatment. CanHOPE counsellor Jaime...

6 Common Types of Blood Tests (e.g. Cancer Blood Test) Explained

13 November, 2018

Blood tests are one of the most common medical procedures that you may undergo. There are many different types of...

Breast Cancer Screening: Why Bother?

Contributed by: Dr Wong Chiung Ing
8 October, 2018

Breast cancer is the no. 1 cancer among women in the world. In Singapore, 2,000 women are diagnosed with breast...

New Developments in Blood Cancer Treatment (2018)

Contributed by: Dr Colin Phipps Diong
8 October, 2018

At a Continuing Medical Education (CME) talk, oncologists provided updates on the diagnosis and treatment of different kinds of leukaemia...

Genetic Profiling Gives More Cancer Treatment Options

Contributed by: Dr See Hui Ti
8 October, 2018

The ability to profile cancers (Next-Generation Sequencing) and a growing understanding of how these mutations relate to cancer allow doctors...

Up Close & Personal with Dr Richard Quek

Contributed by: Dr Richard Quek
8 October, 2018

A desire to cure people and understand more about cancers led Dr Richard Quek from Parkway Cancer Centre to focus...

Badminton player, Lee Chong Wei is diagnosed with nose cancer

27 September, 2018

"Nose cancer in early stage usually means the tumour is small, confined to the back of the nose and had...

Women With Early Stage Breast Cancer Could Be Spared Chemotherapy Guided By A Breast Cancer Gene Test

Contributed by: Dr Wong Chiung Ing
27 September, 2018

A study presented at the ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) annual meeting in June 2018 shows that many women...

How to Eat Well (To Reduce Risks of Getting Cancer)?

Contributed by: Chloe Ong Siew Men
10 September, 2018

Eating well is important in reducing the risk of getting cancer. And if you have cancer and are undergoing treatment,...