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Accepting sudden death

25 July, 2013

It was a Monday morning when I was informed by my staff that Nurse Kawiyah had been admitted to KK...

Ask The Expert: Fighting Childhood Cancer Together

24 July, 2013

No child should suffer from cancer. Having a child diagnosed with cancer is one of the worst nightmare a parent...

When Doctors Disagree

27 June, 2013

What doctors do is as much an art as it is a science. I feel this strongly when there is...

Ask The Expert: Addressing your questions on head and neck problems

24 June, 2013

There are many different places that cancer can develop in the head and neck areas, including cancers of the mouth...

Cancer of the Pancreas

30 May, 2013

To most of us, 16 July 2013 is going to be just another day.  But for Madam Low, it is...

Ask The Expert: Signs And Symptoms of Lung Cancer

13 May, 2013

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in men and the 3rd most common cancer in women in Singapore. The...

Ask the Expert: Understanding Breast Cancer

6 May, 2013

For this session, we have a renowned lady oncologist with us.Dr See Hui Ti is a Senior Consultant at PCC,...

Preparing for the inevitable

25 April, 2013

The diagnosis of cancer almost always comes as a shock. Although cancer is so common, affecting one in every three...

Faith, heart and unsung heroes

28 March, 2013

Serene has been under my care since 1998. In her follow up visits these days, she spends no more than...