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What You Need To Know About Breast Cancer Recurrence

Written by: Dr See Hui Ti
8 March, 2019

Breast cancer may return despite the best care and treatment. When this happens, it is called a recurrence or relapse.

Eating healthy: 8 Simple Replacements of Ingredients

22 January, 2019

Eating healthy doesn’t mean changing your diet completely. Here's a few simple replacements of ingredients to give your daily meal...

Progress in Cancer Treatment & Detection

22 January, 2019

Over the last few decades, people with cancer are living longer. Significant progress has been made in the areas of...

Wilms’ Tumour (Nephroblastoma): Kidney Cancer that Affects Children

22 January, 2019

Wilms' tumour is believed to arise from the embryonic cells that underpin the development of the kidney. Dr Anselm Lee answers...

Breast Cancer in Men: What you should know?

17 January, 2019

You are likely to have heard a lot about breast cancer but not very likely to associate this disease with...

HER-2 positive breast cancer: An aggressive type of cancer

17 January, 2019

Approximately one in five women diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide will have HER2-positive breast cancer, a particularly aggressive form of...

Better Cancer Treatment Options in 2018

9 January, 2019

With new surgical options, better chemotherapy drugs, focused and accurate radiotherapy, and new treatment regimens, doctors can ensure that in...

PCC’s Constant: Putting Patients First

9 January, 2019

Even though PCC today has more than 100 staff, a large multidisciplinary team and eight clinics across Singapore – the...

Better Health: Eat Well to Sleep Well

9 January, 2019

Proper rest and nutrition are critical to health and there is a strong connection between sleep & how we metabolise...