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3 Facts & Myths on Colon (Colorectal, Bowel) Cancer

Contributed by: Dr Zee Ying Kiat
15 March, 2019

Colorectal cancer, also known as colon or bowel cancer, is the most common cancer in Singapore. PCC’s Dr Zee Ying Kiat...

World Cancer Day 2019: “I Am And I Will”

11 March, 2019

This year marks the launch of World Cancer Day’s “I Am And I Will” campaign which challenges everyone to make...

Breast Cancer Awareness: Workshop On Flower Yoga

Contributed by: Dr Wong Chiung Ing
11 March, 2019

Some 20 women had joined Bloom in Pink, a workshop organised by Parkway Cancer Centre & Expat Living to do...

New Treatments For Blood Cancers Offer Better Outcomes

Contributed by: Dr Colin Phipps Diong
11 March, 2019

A class of drugs known as monoclonal antibodies can offer better outcomes than treatment from chemotherapy alone. Find out more...

Her Friend Was Ready To Help Her Fight Cancer

Written by: Dr Ang Peng Tiam
11 March, 2019

A cancer patient ignores the tumour growing in her body. But her friend, a cancer survivor, insists she sees a...

Immunotherapy: A New Boost For Cancer Treatment

Contributed by: Dr Richard Quek
11 March, 2019

Immunotherapy, a new form of cancer treatment, is gaining ground as researchers find that it is effective against many different...

What You Need To Know About Breast Cancer Recurrence

Written by: Dr See Hui Ti
8 March, 2019

Breast cancer may return despite the best care and treatment. When this happens, it is called a recurrence or relapse.

Eating healthy: 8 Simple Replacements of Ingredients

Contributed by: Gerard Wong
22 January, 2019

Eating healthy doesn’t mean changing your diet completely. Here's a few simple replacements of ingredients to give your daily meal...

Progress in Cancer Treatment & Detection

22 January, 2019

Over the last few decades, people with cancer are living longer. Significant progress has been made in the areas of...