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Link Between Human Papillomavirus (HPV) & Cervical Cancer

Contributed by: Dr Wong Chiung Ing
7 May, 2019

Not all cases of HPV infection will lead to cervical cancer. Dr Wong Chiung Ing from PCC looks at the...

3 Common Gynaecological (Women) Cancers

Contributed by: Dr Wong Chiung Ing
7 May, 2019

Three of the top 10 women’s cancers in Singapore today are gynaecological cancers. Dr Wong Chiung Ing takes a closer...

Race Against Time: Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Contributed by: Dr Ang Peng Tiam
29 April, 2019

Parkway Cancer Centre aims to deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan quickly to alleviate the worries of patients.

Full Cancer Cure: How far are we away?

Contributed by: Dr Ang Peng Tiam
29 April, 2019

A claim that the world’s first complete cure for cancer will be here in a year’s time has met with...

Cancer on the Rise in Young Adults: Is Obesity a link?

Contributed by: Dr Richard Quek
29 April, 2019

What was striking was that young people born later were more likely to get cancer than those born in the...

Up Close & Personal with Dr Lee Kim Shang

Contributed by: Dr Lee Kim Shang
29 April, 2019

Dr Lee Kim Shang became a radiation oncologist thanks to an unlikely series of events. Find out why he choose...

Radixact: A uniquely smart radiation therapy system

Contributed by: Dr Lee Kim Shang
9 April, 2019

A new tomotherapy machine with a fully integrated treatment planning and delivery system allows doctors to deliver radiotherapy more accurately...

Is it Healthier to Eat Less?

Contributed by: Fahma Sunarja
15 March, 2019

Healthy eating is not just about taking smaller portions. Parkway Cancer Centre’s Senior Dietitian Fahma Sunarja looks at how you...

Technological Advancements in Treating Colon Cancer

15 March, 2019

Doctors today have a wide array of high-tech tools & methods to detect/treat colon cancer such as colonoscopy, laparoscopic surgery...