PCC Celebrating 10 Years

Caring: A constant for PCC

As Parkway Cancer Centre celebrates its 10th anniversary with a gala dinner and a host of events for staff from across the region and cancer survivors, Medical Director Dr Ang Peng Tiam stresses the importance of care and compassion.


PCC marked its 10th birthday with a slew of events, including a two-day regional meeting, a Survivors Retreat, and a grand gala dinner.

When Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) started in 2007, there were four doctors with one dream: Putting cancer patients on the road to recovery in a holistic manner, with the latest medical tools and technology.

Today, PCC has more than 100 staff, a large team of oncologists and doctors with specialised expertise in different disciplines, clinics across Singapore and offices around the region.

In the 10 years it has been operating, it has brought in a host of the latest drugs, tools and technology, giving patients access to the best weapons in their battle with cancer.

Yet its Medical Director, Dr Ang Peng Tiam, points to the one constant: PCC takes care of its patients.

No matter what new medical tools and technology it uses, he said at a recent gala dinner to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Singapore’s first private cancer centre, it will not forget the most important aspect of caring for cancer patients: Compassion.

“Everything around us is changing. The way in which care is being delivered to cancer patients is evolving – what we do today may not be relevant in a few years’ time,” he observed. “But the thing that must never change is our compassion and our care for our patients.

So whether the medicine comes out of a bottle, whether a chemotherapy drug is administered … that is just the tool. The way in which we administer care must be with compassion and understanding of patients.”

This is why, he added, the work of CanHOPE is so important. PCC had set up the non-profit cancer counselling and support service in recognition of the fact that cancer patients need much more than good medical care on their journey.

Said Dr Ang: “It is not just the doctors who prescribe – it is the care that the nurses give, the way in which we ensure that patients have seamless care when they first make contact with us in the region, all the way to the time they come to Singapore for their treatment, and even when they go back home.”

This principle lies at the heart of the work of CanHOPE. From the moment patients come into contact with PCC, our staff is on hand to help them through the process, from travelling to Singapore and undergoing treatment, to supporting their caregivers and arranging for follow-up trips and treatment after they return to their home countries.

Such efforts make PCC’s medical care unique in the region.

At a regional meeting in November, staff from CanHOPE offices around the region gathered in Singapore to discuss how they could improve their services to patients. Over two days, they received updates from doctors about the latest medical care and technology, and best practices on how to support patients better.

The regional meeting was one of the events held to mark PCC’s 10th birthday. CanHOPE also organised a Survivors Retreat for cancer patients and their caregivers.

At a grand gala dinner, Dr Ang thanked all the staff of PCC, its supporters and partners, noting that they played crucial roles in PCC’s success. “We can grow from strength to strength only because you are here,” he told them. “You are here with us in this journey.”

Dr Ang also vowed to keep doing things “better” even as PCC continued to live by its principle of providing the best holistic, multi-disciplinary care for cancer patients.

“We cannot stand still,” he said. “We must not stand in the same position, not moving forward… we can do things better.”

Written by Kok Bee Eng
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