Every child deserves to smile. While not all of them can enjoy a cancer-free childhood, the good news is that an estimated 75% of children diagnosed with cancer are expected to be long-term survivors. This strengthens our commitment to caring for children with cancer and returning them to a life focused on friends, family and the future.

Our approach to paediatric oncology starts with an understanding and deep appreciation of the fact that children are not little adults. Their biological features and responses to treatment are different, just as their emotional needs and capacity for coping are.

It is important to us that any pain from hospitalisation and treatments is lowered as much as possible for our young patients. In a supportive environment that lets them feel safe and cared for, we choose treatment options with the foremost therapeutic efficacy and the least discomfort and side effects, and select medications carefully to lower the chances of allergies.

Our paediatric oncology clinic is dedicated to specialised clinical care for children with cancers and blood diseases. Here, our young patients receive personalised care that includes diagnostic evaluation, chemotherapy and other therapeutic interventions, as well as haematopoietic stem cell transplant.