PCC's First Online Continuing Medical Education (CME) Webinar

Online CME webinars a hit with doctors

Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) hosted its first online continuing medical education (CME) webinar on 25 April 2020. Entitled “Understanding Cancer and Beyond 2020”, the CME empowerment series serves to help doctors gain a better understanding of cancer prevention and treatment in this very rapidly changing field.

This multi-disciplinary CME series, featuring oncologists and specialists sharing their expertise and updates in their field, proved to be highly popular, with more than 700 doctors logging on in the first session on 25 April, which covered cervical cancer.

The format of the CME series was new to PCC. It came in the form of online webinars, imposed on PCC by social distancing rules in the face of Covid-19.

“We had thought that we would have about 50 doctors signing up, but we had an overwhelming response, with more than 700 registering for the session,” said PCC’s Dr Richard Quek, who hosted the first session.

The organising committee had planned this to be an educational series covering a broad spectrum of oncology curriculum during the Covid-19 circuit breaker period. But with the fantastic response received, the committee may continue to do this beyond the initial months.

“If the educational sessions are helpful to our medical colleagues and demand is good,” added Dr Quek, “we can have more sessions.”

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