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Advancements in the realm of medical oncology (oncology medicine) give hope to patients and their loved ones. With an arsenal of medicines growing in range and effectiveness, we are now more proficient than before in our battle against cancer.

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Patients around the world come to us for the specialised care we provide to treat haemotologic cancers, of which the World Health Organization estimates there are as many as 72 types and sub-types.

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Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (or bone marrow transplantation as it is more commonly known) is a specialised procedure, which is effective in treating many types of cancers as well as some non- malignant conditions.

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Every child deserves to smile. While not all of them can enjoy a cancer-free childhood, the good news is that an estimated 75% of children diagnosed with cancer are expected to be long-term survivors.

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In radiation oncology, sophisticated technology combined with skilled professionals direct focused beams to target malignant and benign tumours while minimising effects to surrounding tissue.

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Palliative medicine minimises suffering and improves the quality of life – by relieving pain, symptoms and stress – for patients with serious illnesses and advanced cancer.

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