Exploring New Frontiers: Parkway Cancer Centre Clinic Relocation

Last November, Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) clinic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Level 2 was relocated as part of Project Renaissance (Project R) by Mount Elizabeth Hospital. The relocation was accompanied by excitement and opportunities for many.

In January 2023, Mount Elizabeth Hospital initiated Project R to improve building safety, future-proof the infrastructure, and most importantly, to improve patient experience. The project is being carried out in phases to minimise disruption and is expected to be completed in the next two years. As part of Project R, the clinic was also refurbished and relocated to Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.

The culmination of these efforts was celebrated on 24 November 2023 and marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The ceremony was attended by many esteemed guests including Dr Peter Chow, Acting Chief Executive Officer, IHH Healthcare Singapore, and Mr Yong Yih Ming, Chief Operating Officer, IHH Healthcare Singapore & Chief Executive Officer, Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

During the ceremony, Mr Yong and Dr Ang Peng Tiam, Medical Director and Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology, Parkway Cancer Centre, gave an opening speech to address the relocation and thank all those involved.

Mr Yong extended his gratitude to the PCC team and expressed hope that the new clinic will offer a different outlook on patient care for the staff. He looks forward to a better care environment for patients and believes in the collective support among everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Dr Ang emphasised the primacy of care over physical ambience while also acknowledging the importance of creating an environment that is conducive to the healing process.

In highlighting a distinctive aspect of the new clinic, Dr Ang revealed a unique layout where the treatment centre is not directly connected to the consultation area. This innovative design aims to streamline patient flow without overcrowding the waiting areas.

The clinic officially started its operations on 27 November 2023. Visitors can expect a fresh new look and equipment, including twelve chemotherapy chairs and three beds.

What’s next for patients?

Project R holds the promise of transforming Mount Elizabeth Hospital into a modern, integrated, multiservice hub that offers patients greater convenience, privacy, and seamless care. With its completion, Mount Elizabeth Hospital will be another step closer to reaching IHH Healthcare’s aspiration to Care. For Good.

Meanwhile, PCC will continue to be committed to patients and provide a comprehensive and integrated premier cancer service that is patient-focused, with utmost care, comfort, and compassion.

PCC’s new clinic is located at 3 Mount Elizabeth #02-02/03/04, Singapore 228510.

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