CanHope Regional Meeting 2023

Last November, CanHOPE held its annual regional meeting in Penang, Malaysia to address the significant updates on the different fields of oncology while having networking meals to encourage conversations and opportunities to connect for the attendees. The two-day, one-night event was filled with enriching programs and concluded aptly with a Peranakan-themed gala dinner.

The event hosted over 60 attendees that comprised Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) doctors and Allied Health team, CanHOPE’s regional representatives, and PCC’s administrative colleagues from the Operations, Marketing, and Guest Relations teams.

The programme for the first day focused on the many different aspects of cancer care, including The PCC Experience – the experience of PCC’s patients in their cancer journey – and how CanHOPE’s regional representatives play an important role.

This was followed by the various updates on medical oncology, haematology, and radiation oncology given by PCC’s doctors. The informative sharing session provided valuable insights for all attendees from a multidisciplinary perspective. There were also Q&A sessions that sparked fruitful discussions among the doctors and regional representatives.

The event concluded with a Peranakan-themed gala dinner where attendees could don the traditional Batik or Kebaya apparel and savour the exquisite cuisine while listening to the live band music playing in the background.

Throughout the event, attendees were able to capture precious memories with their colleagues at the photo booth while showcasing their beautiful Peranakan outfits. Various awards were given out to celebrate cities with the best performance, the best growth, as well as best-dressed individuals.

Attendees left the event with their hearts full and were also given a Peranakan-themed goodie bag as a thoughtful memento of the dinner.

All in all, the regional meeting was a glowing success. Everyone had something memorable and insightful to take away, whether it was the insights on cancer care, the joyful moments shared with colleagues, or the delicious food that was served throughout the two days.

CanHOPE today and beyond

As we reflect on the success of the 2023 CanHOPE Regional Meeting, it is important to understand how CanHOPE started, along with its values, mission, and goals.

CanHOPE is a non-profit cancer counselling and support service by Parkway Cancer Centre. Patients come from all over the world to receive the holistic care we are known for. Even when they return to their home country, we continue to support them on their healing journey.

That was our motivation for setting up CanHOPE offices outside Singapore. Bridging geographical, cultural, and language borders, our cancer care reaches patients in more than 15 cities around the world.

With CanHOPE as a pillar of support, it is more than just a source of guidance; it is a beacon of light that nurtures hope, strength, and unity in our collective pursuit of a better tomorrow.

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