CanHOPE Hanoi Event: Expanding Care Beyond Borders

Standfirst: An initiative by CanHOPE Hanoi brought together patients and healthcare experts for a meaningful gathering to foster connections and share stories of resilience.

Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) regularly organises events beyond the confines of its facilities to support patients on their healing journey, wherever they may be. Earlier this year, the team in Hanoi, Vietnam, hosted a memorable gathering for cancer patients and their caregivers at the Ngon Garden Restaurant. The event, attended by Dr Lim Hong Liang and Dr Wong Chiung Ing, provided a unique platform for guests and staff members to share experiences and discuss future care opportunities.

During the dinner, patients and their families were given a chance to engage directly with the doctors, deepening their understanding of the treatment process and strengthening their support networks.

Celebrating stories of strength and resilience

The highlight of the event was the 'Patient Kick Off Party,'' where attendees shared touching stories from their treatment journeys. This segment not only helped in building a community of support but also allowed patients to feel seen and heard, emphasising the holistic approach by PCC.

The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the heartfelt care they received and looking forward to participating in future events. The doctors and staff conveyed their gratitude as well, offering thanks and gifts to the patients, making the evening not just an event, but a celebration of hope and continued care.

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