Parkway Cancer Centre 17th Anniversary

In October, Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) celebrated its 17th Anniversary with a floral-themed dinner and an exciting line-up of activities. Attendees showed up in a myriad of colours, perfectly encapsulating the theme for this year’s memorable event.

The event, graced by special guest Dr Peter Chow, Acting Chief Executive Officer for IHH Healthcare Singapore, kicked off with an opening speech by PCC's Medical Director and Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology, Dr Ang Peng Tiam.

This was followed by a buffet-style dinner, where attendees were free to mingle around and connect with each other while indulging in delicious food of various cuisines. There was also a photobooth available where many took memorable photos together with the stunning backdrop.

Other than the exciting ice-breaking games, the organising team also put together a heartwarming photo montage of the various team bonding activities, namely the SCS TalkMed Relay for Life 2023 and team cooking, as well as birthday celebrations.

To award the attendees for taking the time and effort to dress up, several prizes were prepared for the Best Dressed Individual and Group. 12 lucky winners also walked away with exciting prizes during the lucky draw! The evening was filled with joy and laughter, making it a memorable time for everyone.

Parkway Cancer Centre and CanHOPE

As we celebrate PCC’s 17th anniversary, it is important to remember where we started from, be it our goals, our vision, or our mission.

Parkway Cancer Centre was established in 2006 with a goal of spreading hope in the face of this consequential disease. The centre is home to a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled medical doctors, nurses, counsellors, dietitians, and other paramedical professionals.

With 9 clinics across Singapore and more than 15 major cities around the region, PCC has grown into a substantial establishment that is fully equipped to join the battle against cancer and provide hope to all those affected.

Over the years, PCC has been utilising the latest advances in medical research and technology to provide optimal care to its patients. From immunotherapy to targeted therapy, PCC strives to offer the most appropriate solution to its patients, including optimal treatment outcomes and better cancer care.

PCC’s non-profit cancer counselling and support arm, CanHOPE, offers patients psychosocial support wherever they are in the world. CanHOPE aims to support, empower, and inspire hope by providing access to resources and holistic care to those on their cancer journey.

From cancer rehabilitation to palliative care, CanHOPE ensures that its patients and their loved ones are fully supported with its comprehensive range of services. The non-profit organisation also has awareness and outreach programmes to help spread awareness and advocate for early detection through educational opportunities.

Towards a hopeful future

As PCC goes into its 17th year, it will continue to provide a comprehensive and integrated premier cancer service with utmost care, comfort, and compassion, all while being patient-focused. Hope will continue to remain as PCC’s guiding principle as it aspires to instil hope in its patients while giving them the optimal treatment they deserve.

With a team of highly-skilled professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, PCC will continue to make significant strides in the ongoing fight against cancer.

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