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COVID-19: Guide for Lung Cancer Patients

Written by: Dr Chin Tan Min
21 June, 2020

I am a lung cancer patient. Am I at higher risk of getting COVID19? What added precautions should I take...

Surviving Breast Cancer Relapse: Treatment Options in 2020

Written by: Dr See Hui Ti
21 June, 2020

Usually for a breast cancer to relapse after 10 years, it meant either this is a new cancer primary on...

Stage 4 Kidney Cancer Treatment – 3 Big Paradigm Shifts

Written by: Dr Richard Quek
21 June, 2020

While early stage kidney cancer can be cured with surgery, advanced stage 4 kidney cancer is unlikely to be cured....

COVID-19 & Bone Marrow Transplant: Should we wait?

Written by: Dr Colin Phipps Diong
21 June, 2020

Find out the risks of undergoing a bone marrow transplant usually and now (COVID19). Should patients proceed or can it...

Advanced Lung Cancer – Diagnosis & Treatment

Written by: Dr Lim Hong Liang
21 June, 2020

In a patient suspected of having an advanced lung cancer, his / her CXR or CT scan will often show...

Advanced Breast Cancer: How does COVID-19 affect treatment plans?

Written by: Dr Wong Chiung Ing
20 June, 2020

During this COVID19 period, can I be prescribed more oral pills? Are there guidelines/recommendations on hospital visits for advanced breast...

Complementing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Cancer Treatment

21 May, 2020

While it may not cure cancer, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can complement Western medicine in helping patients battle the disease.

Radiation Therapy Treatment for Melanoma Skin Cancer

Contributed by: Dr Edward Yang Tuck Loong
20 May, 2020

Learn about melanoma skin cancer & the role of radiation therapy in treatment - answered by Parkway Cancer Centre’s Dr...

Mindfulness: Being Present with Cancer

Contributed by: Chia Hui Erl
20 May, 2020

A cancer diagnosis is a profoundly stressful experience because of its life-threatening implications. Manage the journey by learning to stay...