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EGFR+ Advanced Lung Cancer: Treatment Options & Survival Rate

Written by: Dr Chin Tan Min
4 September, 2020

EGFR mutant patients have currently many available treatment options, and as a result, improved survival. Find out more in this...

Advanced Colorectal Cancer: Treatment Options in 2020

Written by: Dr Zee Ying Kiat
4 September, 2020

The main treatment for patients with advanced colorectal cancer is with medicines, namely chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Learn more...

Understanding Liver Cancer: Treatment Options in 2020

Written by: Dr Foo Kian Fong
4 September, 2020

When liver cells become cancerous, they are known as liver cancer or hepatocellular cancer. When bile ducts cell become cancerous,...

Understanding Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: Treatment Options in 2020

Contributed by: Dr Foo Kian Fong
4 September, 2020

With advances in medical science & more personalised treatment, targeted therapy in combination with chemotherapy has increased overall survival for...

Cardiovascular Toxicities of Cancer and its Comtemporary Treatment

Contributed by: Dr Richard Quek
4 September, 2020

Dr Richard Quek & Dr Jeremy Chow discussed the toxicities of systemic anti-cancer treatment and the side effects to the...

Cancer Pain Management: 3-Step Analgesic Ladder

Contributed by: Dr Kok Jaan Yang
4 September, 2020

Learn the general principles of cancer pain management, the use of 3-step analgesic ladder for cancer pain & some practical...

Leukaemia: Why is it deadly & what’s the outlook / prognosis?

Written by: Dr Lee Yuh Shan
4 September, 2020

There are two groups of leukaemia - acute & chronic. Older patients always recognise leukaemia as a cancer where “the...

Latest in 2020: Sarcoma (Cancers of the Bone & Soft Tissues) Q&A

Written by: Dr Richard Quek
2 September, 2020

What is the survivor rate for Sarcoma & how high is the recurrence rate? How promising is immunotherapy for all...

Cancer: Causes, Prevention, Treatment & Nutrition

Contributed by: Dr Zee Ying Kiat
15 July, 2020

A public webinar by Parkway Cancer Centre gives participants an overview / commonly-asked questions of the causes, treatment and prevention...