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New Hope for TRK Fusion Cancer (Rare Cancer)

Contributed by: Dr Richard Quek
11 January, 2021

Imagine a creature that is fluffy, mysterious, moves silently, and is rarely seen because it is elusive, almost invisible. That...

Breast Cancer: Difficult Treatment Decisions

Contributed by: Dr Wong Chiung Ing
16 November, 2020

For women with breast cancer, the treatment decisions are made more socially & emotionally difficult because of different social perceptions...

Localised Prostate Cancer Treatment: Surgery or Radiation?

Contributed by: Dr Ivan Tham Weng Keong
16 November, 2020

Advances in both surgery & radiation therapy (RT) have significantly improved rates of cure whilst reducing side effects for patients...

Skin Lump: Is it Cancerous? Latest on Skin Cancer Treatments

Contributed by: Dr Richard Quek
16 November, 2020

Learn how skin lumps & bumps are managed in clinical practice and get a comprehensive update on the latest advances...

Sarcoma (Rare Disease) – 4 Main Groups Overview

Contributed by: Dr Richard Quek
16 September, 2020

Sarcoma, a cancer of the bone and connective tissue, is a rare disease that disproportionately affects children and young adults....

7 Common Sarcoma Misconceptions: Myths & Facts

16 September, 2020

Island Orthopaedics’ Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Leon Foo addresses some myths surrounding this rare disease at a recent public webinar.

A Closer Look: Diagnosis of Cancer, Prostate Cancer & Female Cancers

Contributed by: Dr Ang Peng Tiam
16 September, 2020

PCC doctors hold an open dialogue with the public on the diagnosis of cancer, prostate cancer and female cancers. Read...

Cancer & COVID-19: Practical Tips to Cope with Mental Stresses

Contributed by: Tan Hui Ping
14 September, 2020

PCC Principal Counsellor Tan Hui Ping shares practical tips on coping with the mental stresses of dealing with the coronavirus...

COVID-19 Cancer Tips: 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

Contributed by: Tan Hui Ping
14 September, 2020

Taking care of your health, body, mind, emotions & lifestyle is a self-responsibility that helps your mental health. Learn practical...