PCC Doctors Speak: On The Future Of Patient Care

Thanks to advances in medicine and medical technologies, the hope in the fight against cancer remains strong as ever as we work towards the next 15 years. With this hope, our doctors’ spirit and determination are unwavered as they commit to delivering good outcomes for our patients.

From our Medical OncologistsDr Ang Peng Tiam The battle against cancer is not an easy one, but we are here to guide, support, care for and walk the journey with cancer patients.
Dr Khoo Kei Siong Seeds of faith are always within us. Sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.
Dr Lim Hong Liang Let's all work together to make each treatment journey meaningful and comfortable with positive outcomes.
Dr Foo Kian Fong The darkest hours are just before dawn.
Dr See Hui Ti Life is a long journey of infinite possibilities. Often one cannot see the goal at the end. But if we can’t see it, doesn’t it therefore mean the end is not yet near?
Dr Zee Ying Kiat Stand in your light and shine brightly because that is how you defeat all the darkness.
Dr Richard Quek Stay strong. Take each day at a time.
Dr Wong Chiung Ing We will strive to provide holistic care in our patients' cancer journey with our multidisciplinary approach.
Dr Chin Tan Min

I hope we can treat cancer as a chronic illness in the very near future!

From our HaematologistsDr Teo Cheng Peng Never waver in the fight against cancer.
Dr Colin Phipps Diong Try your best and don't give up!
Dr Lee Yuh Shan With perseverance, dedication, prayers and love from loved ones, we can conquer all obstacles.
Dr Dawn Mya Challenges are what makes your life interesting and overcoming them is what makes your life meaningful!
Dr Anselm Lee With more than 80% of long-term survival in childhood cancers, paediatric oncologists are now working globally to improve their quality of survival.
From our Radiation OncologistsDr Lee Kim Shang Customised care for each patient with precision medicine delivered based on genetic mutations of each patient 's cancer will help achieve cure and reduce side effects of treatment.
Dr Lee Kuo Ann Advancements in A.I. and imaging as well as FLASH and proton therapy will take radiation delivery into the next decade.
Dr Ivan Tham Cancer treatment will become more targeted, whether with radiation therapy surgery or systemic therapy. We expect to see more cures with less toxicity.
Dr Yang Tuck Loong Edward We will strive to help our patients not just to survive but to LIVE.
From Palliative MedicineDr Kok Jaan Yang Every day is a blessing; treasure what you have toda


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