03 MARCH 2020

Family Day: Celebrating Life Together

In November 2019, Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) organised a family day to bring patients and their loved ones together for a time of bonding and fun.

Held at Gardens by the Bay, the event, called “Celebrate Life Together”, saw some 250 people come together for a day of laughter and fun-packed outdoor activities. PCC doctors and staff joined them at the event.

The event also hoped to spread the message that family members play an important role in supporting every patient’s battle against cancer. By giving practical care and emotional support, loved ones show patients that they don’t need to fight cancer alone.

PCC hopes to make the family day an annual outing, to give patients, family members and their friends more opportunities to get together and celebrate life.

Patients, caregivers and their families, along with PCC staff, enjoy a day of fun-filled activities such as magic shows, an arcade playzone and arts and craft workshops. There were also a massage corner, food stations and photo booth to keep everyone, from young to old, occupied.

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