New Frontier of Cancer Treatment

In the past three decades, there have been major advances in cancer care, including:

  • Technological advances in imaging
  • Advances in pathology through immunohistochemistry and genetic profiling
  • Understanding of oncogenesis and the ability to study the molecular genetics of cancer
  • Multidisciplinary care and sub-specializations in oncology
  • Development of new therapeutic agents
  • A multidisciplinary team approach has become increasingly pivotal with these advances.

    The future of cancer is in precision oncology. Cancer treatment is no longer associated with poor quality of life. It is about achieving good disease control and offering patients a good quality of life.

    One of the recent developments that are significantly improving treatment outcomes for patients with complex blood cancers is cellular therapies. Another revolutionary treatment hitting the shores in Singapore is Proton Beam Therapy (PBT), a radiation therapy that uses protons to kill cancer cells. With so many new advances in the mix, cancer is no longer a death sentence.

    WHY US ?


    Our experts provide holistic treatment of cancers in a safe & comfortable environment where caring and experienced professionals attend to patients.

    Modern Cancer

    We use the most advanced and modern technologies in the fight against cancer to help patients access proven, innovative therapies for improved clinical outcomes.


    Our highly experienced, multidisciplinary team of medical nurses, counsellors, and other paramedical professionals provides the utmost care to cancer patients.


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    Dr Ang Peng Tiam

    Medical Oncologist

    Dr Ang Peng Tiam is a Medical Director and Senior Consultant, Medical...

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    Dr Richard Quek

    Medical Oncologist

    Dr Richard Quek is a Senior Consultant, Medical Oncologist at Parkway....

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    Dr Teo Cheng Peng

    Senior Consultant, Haematologist

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    Dr Dawn Mya Hae Tha

    Senior Consultant, Haematologist

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    • Treatment plan estimates
    • Time duration and cost estimates
    • If necessary and requested, paid video consult
    • If transplant is needed, donor clinical and legal screening
    • Transplant related counselling
    • Counselling with existing patients to get more insights
    • Visa and travel related assistance
    • Facilitate accommodation booking under corporate rates
    • Arrange appointment and treatment schedule
    • Help to verify insurance eligibility for global insured persons
    • Airport pick-up
    • Transport arrangements for direct-admission patients
    • Accommodation support (early/late check-in/check-out)
    • Appointment coordination with clinics and labs
    • Coordination of all medical procedures
    • Support for transplant ethics meetings and document review
    • Blood bank services (for transplant procedures)
    • Interpretation services
    • Local transport bookings, including inter-hospital shuttle services
    • Financial counselling and insurance claims facilitation
    • Wheelchair and special medical aid assistance in hospital
    • Visa extension and renewal for prolonged treatment
    • Support from international patient assistance desk
    • Follow-up appointments and reviews
    • Online follow-up consults
    • Medicine order and delivery (direct to home)
    • Regular events and communications
    • Invites for in-person meetings when specialist visits India
    • Invites to support fellow patients