Eating healthy: 8 Simple Replacements of Ingredients

Contributed by: Gerard Wong

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Eating healthy doesn’t mean changing your diet completely. Nor does it mean sacrificing flavour and satisfaction. Gerard Wong, Parkway Cancer Centre’s Senior Dietitian, shows how a few simple replacements of the ingredients in your pantry can give your daily meal a dose of health – and taste.

1) Cream replace with

Low-fat cream

A good substitute for cream without losing creaminess

2) Coconut milk replace with

Low-fat milk with coconut essence

Or yoghurt, though the curd may split up if cooked for too long

3) Cheddar cheese replace with

Cottage or ricotta cheese

Add some thin shavings of parmesan cheese for taste

4) Sugar replace with


Stevia is a great replacement for sugar but may not be ideal when used for baking

5) Regular soy sauce replace with

Less salt (sodium) soy sauce

Salt content is reduced without losing full flavour of regular soy sauce

6) Breadcrumbs/Flour replace with

Blended oats

Try fine, medium or coarse blended oats to get the best taste or texture for baked or cooked recipes

7) Butter replace with

Trans-fat-free margarine

Or dairy blends made from half-butter/half-margarine

8) White rice replace with

Brown rice

Try mixing white rice with brown rice or red cargo rice to increase your fibre intake

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